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Thread: Java and xcode

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    Java and xcode
    I'm new to Java and xcode and I need some help.
    I'm trying to make a server application and client application. I can do it on a pc but I was wondering how to do it in xcode. This is my client program:

    public class Noland4 {
    public static void main( String[] args ) {
    if ( args.length < 1 ) {
    System.err.println( "This does not work" );

    try {
    System.out.println ("Please type a message: ");
    BufferedReader input = new BufferedReader(new
    InputStreamReader (;
    String s = input.readLine();
    Socket sock = new Socket( args [0], 1234);
    PrintWriter out = new PrintWriter( sock.getOutputStream() );
    out.println( s);
    BufferedReader in = new BufferedReader(
    new InputStreamReader( sock.getInputStream() ) );
    String t = in.readLine();
    if ( t !=null )
    System.out.println( "To server: "+ s +
    "\nFrom server" + t );
    } catch( IOException e ) {System.err.println( e ); }

    When you run the code on a PC you enter in the command below, telling it to run the application and the IP address of the server. But when I run it in xcode I am not sure how to tell the application the IP address of the server to send or recieve anything.

    c:java "name of the file" "ip address"

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    Don't Worry about it I figured it out!


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