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    OSX - Cannot startup after aborting Win OS installation in Bootcamp
    Help - I tried to install Win XP in BootCamp but aborted it. Now my iMac does not startup or boot.

    Tried all ways to get OS X to boot. Tried 'C', Command X, S, V, etc. Cannot even boot using the Leopard Restore Disk. Was on the phone with Apple support and they cannot resolve it. Need product specialist but had to hang up - too late.

    Hardware Test (restart + D) yields a flashing folder with a question mark. Any ideas what I can try next. I have an appointment with the local Apple store.


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    Sounds like you may have corrupted the file system information. One of the following tools might help...

    DiskWarrior 4 by Alsoft
    Techtool Pro 4
    Prosoft Data Rescue II
    Prosoft Drive Genius

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    might help
    i just had the same problem today with my macbook

    if you hold the option key down when u restart the computer it will give u the boot options

    it still didnt work right after restart so i done this again then backed up files and restored with original discs

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