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MacAddikt 01-08-2003 10:08 AM

when starting up in Single User Mode (cmd+S or Shift+cmd+S), i want to be able to start up the system once ive changed my password or what not. is there a command for doing this? as of now i have to logout of single user mode, then log in as my self then log out and log back in as root. i know i could use the terminal for what i am doing in single user mode, but i was just curious..

gatorparrots 01-08-2003 11:35 PM

I assume you mean you want to continue booting the system as you normally would if you had booted in regular multiuser mode. If that is the case, you would issue this command (after doing your manual passwd changes or fsck maintenence, etc.):
/sbin/mount -wu /"

This will mount your main boot volume (/) filesystem as read/write, then start necessary system services like networking, NetInfo, etc. (For more about the OS X boot process, see this link:

If you're worried about someone gaining physical access to your Mac and hacking in or causing irrepairable damage, I recommend disabling sngle user mode altogether. More about the security implications can be found here:

MacAddikt 01-09-2003 09:19 AM

thanks. im going to try the password protect program for Single User Mode when i get home tonight.

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