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    Getting PHP to work on Leopard
    Hi Guys,

    Having a problem, i have a G5 iMac in work which has been updated to Leopard from Tiger, i do abit of web development so i decided to install PHP. Having done a bit of research i found that PHP is pre-installed and just needs to be "activated" by un-commenting it out of the httpd.conf file and adding 2 addtypes (Upgrade).

    All this worked perfert and i have PHP fully functional on my work machine, the problem is i got a New MacBook a few weeks ago and i decided to do the same on this machine. The MacBook came pre-installed with Leopard so i followed the same steps as i did with my work machine, i opened terminal, used the command:

    sudo pico /etc/apache2/https.conf

    Un-commented out the php module and saved the file, when i restarted my webserver from sharing, php does not work.

    So, i decided to add the addtypes also even though they should not be needed on a full leopard install just to see if it would work but still no joy.

    When i launch my webserver, html works fine, but when i try to open my test.php file, i just get the text in the file on the screen, e.g.




    Instead of getting the full breakdown that phpinfo usually gives thus meaning it is not parsing at all.

    Anyone any ideas?? Your help would be greatly appreciated.

    MacBook Mac OS X (10.5.1)

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    Install MAMP

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    What Del said, MAMP:

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    hi Guys,

    Thanks for the replys, its definitly something ill look into but its just really annoying me as to why i cant get it working nativly without the need to use 3rd Party Software.

    It works perfect on my work machine but it just wont work on the Macbook!!

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