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    Hey guys, I used to code on my OOOOLLLLDDD TI-99/4A years and years ago in Extended Basic. It was just a more powerful version of basic that allowed you to create "sprites" and make them move and interact with each other, etc.

    I want to get back into coding and was wondering what was good to start with. I don't know C++ or C# and basically just wanted to play around with making graphics and seeing if I can get them to move, etc. like I used to back in the day. I don't have the time to learn the above languages either, unless I can find an easy tutorial.

    How would I go about writing an easy game or something on my Mac?

    Any thoughts?



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    Take a look at Realbasic.

    Really though, you may want to learn Cocoa and its graphics frameworks for what you describe. Tiger added some nice stuff and Leopard added even more goodies for doing graphics.

    Either way, you are going to have to spend time learning a new tool set.

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