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Thread: Apache + PHP + MySQL

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    Apache + PHP + MySQL
    Gonna try and start to develope websites on my MAC, and I need to get a everything all compiled and installed correctly. I am gonna try and get apachetoolbox to install everything. Anybody try this, and get it to work properly? And what kind of a server does OS X make? I'm assuming it is just like having a linux box up and running. We'll see.
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    It makes a fine and dandy server base. You can get most of what you need for PHP+MySQL at:

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    Talking Mabie this is what your looking for!
    Ok i realise this says Jaguar only but i said what the heck and tryed it for kicks.

    I installed all the packages here without a problem. Flawless working enviroment for SQL PHP and Apache cant be much more pleased than that.

    I run panther and it runs fine

    EDIT: forgot url ROFL

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