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    Programming basic C in Xcode
    I'm really interested in learning how to program Cocoa applications.

    I'm a web programmer by trade and it has been years since I've used Java and C++ so before I get stuck into Cocoa I'd like to familiarise myself with C first.

    Am I right in saying Objective-C is a subset of C and so inherits all its features?

    How do I set up a project in Xcode that uses ObjC but not the Coca framework? I just want to learn to do basic C operation in the terminal before diving into creating GUIs.

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    No, it's a superset of C, adding more features to the language.

    The Wikipedia page gives some decent background about it. Seems kinda cool really...

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    You might also be interested in this page about what C features you'll need to know.

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    Obj-C syntax is not all like C, though

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    Quote Originally Posted by rianm7 View Post
    Obj-C syntax is not all like C, though
    Yeah. There are some things that are just very odd looking to me (I'm also just starting to learn Cocoa/Obj-C), and I have a pretty decent C background (Mostly UNIX oriented. I have programmed in C++ as well on both UNIX and Windows). The more I read the more I just think "Why the heck didn't they just use C++ instead of something this obscure?!?!" .

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