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    Game Programming Question.
    Is it possible to code a full featured fully functional FPS in Cocoa/Objective-C and only cocoa/Objective-C? I would imagine it would run alot better then c++ or regular c, but what kind of difficulty are we looking at?

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    I don't know about objective C, but 'regular C' is blazing fast.

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    I would expect a good C programmer could write faster code even if he also knew Objective-C or C++ as well. The reason is object coding has overhead that straight C does not.

    To get the most performance out of a CPU you would want to become an expert assembly language programmer. In the past I have seen it argured with brief code samples that a good C programmer with a good optimizing C compiler can create code as efficient as an expert assembly coder, or extremely close.

    Remember that Objective-C is a superset of C, so that means you have all of the capabilities of C if you want to write straight C code in parts of your code.

    I don't know the answer to your first question. Tiger and Leopard take advantage of the GPU and that may give enough performance boost to side step the objective coding overhead issues. This I think is the type of thing you have to investigate by doing some learning and experiment coding.

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