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    Suggestions for Windows Manager or Desktop Environment (Transparent windows)
    Hi All,

    I have a MacBook Pro (Intel) OSX 10.4.10 developer tools/x11/fink installed. I will be using x11 extensively and I wanted to set up a nice customizeable (well documented) environment. In particular I want window transparency. I also prefer to run in rootless mode.

    I have installed and tried the following via Fink:
    Enlightenment 16.5
    KDE 3.5

    I have also installed via Fink:
    Eterm (unstable package)

    So far I haven't been able to get window transparency and haven't found a look I like yet. Enlightenment is okay but honestly, by running Eterm in rootless mode I don't see a point in using it since the only extra (compared to quartz-wm) it adds are the pager, which is alittle buggy anyways. I like KDE but it takes along time to startup and doesn't look so great with OSX in rootless mode. Or atleast I don't know how to configure it properly, I couldn't find away of adding themes. Anyways, I am open to any suggests and also would like to know how to get transparent X11 windows. I have attached a copy of my .xintrc file as it stands.

    ALSO, I was wondering how to change the default Eterm window so that when I open a new X11 window in X11 it has the look I want. Thanks alot and I hope there are some ideas out there.

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