I have a OS X 10.4 system that I'm using as a webcam/webserver, with and isight camera plugged into it. I'm using a shell script to snap and save a photo to my web directory every 5 seconds using the command line app "isightcapture".

My problem is that every once in a while the isight camera either goes off line or the firewire port drops it and isightcapture can't find the camera anymore.

I would like to be able to remotely restart the firewire bus so it re-detects the camera without unplugging the camera. The only remote way I can do this currently is to reboot the system. I've searched through BSD & Darwin sites via the web to see how this can be done, but have not been able to find the right commands. Can some one who is more familiar with BSD or Darwin system layout suggest some commands that will either unload and load the isight camera or the firewire bus so that it gets detected again?