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plshelpme 10-01-2007 02:41 AM

Help with programming in C or Perl or Python
I am used to programming on Red Hat Linux. I'm trying to figure out how to program on my mac, and I've found about a thousand ads on the apple website telling me that my computer came with Perl and Python and the GCC 4.0 compiler. Only I can't find files for these anywhere. Does anyone know what should go in the #! line for Perl? Or why gcc/cc only give me "command not found" on the command line ("which gcc" replies "no gcc in /bin /sbin /usr/bin /usr/sbin /usr/local/bin /usr/local/teTeX/bin/i386-apple-darwin-current" and I can't find the library files either)? I'm less familiar with Python, but if someone could get me going on that, I'd take it. I'm just trying to do some desktop programming and have no interest in working in some sort of GUI environment.

Also (other assorted questions), how do I update my path? And is there any editor I can use other than emacs? (xemacs, nedit don't seem to be around)

I'd really appreciate any help anyone could give me.

Aptmunich 10-01-2007 10:21 AM

I think you might need to install the developer tools from your install DVD.

danielb 10-01-2007 11:07 AM

I think developer tools will get you the Perl, Python, and GCC. When GCC is installed it will be installed in a directory called gcc-4.0 not gcc. If you want to compile using gcc filename, You'll need to link gcc to gcc-4.0. I also suggest installing gcc-3.X. GCC is installed in /usr/bin

For editor, I use VIM which I can't remember installing. I think it comes with XCode.

C headers are in /usr/include and libraries are in /usr/lib

Perl and Python, you're on your own. I've only tinkered with them.

rman 10-01-2007 04:51 PM

You can do a which perl, that will tell you the locate of the program. As Aptmunich suggested you will need to install the developer tools.

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