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    App Idea!
    Forums are great tools, except that they lack spontaneity, and chat applications are also cool, but they lack the organization of Forums. In the idea i just had, these two are merged in an app that i think (if created) could revolutionize communities like this. I'm not a very good designer (or developer, for that matter), but i put together a mockup of what this could look like. I hope you guys share my enthusiasm.

    Mockup (I used Different District as the model for the mockup)

    (right-click then 'Open Image in new tab")

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    I like the idea, but you are forgetting one thing. One of the great features of a forum, is that you can post, leave the computer, come back and one or two days later, you can see all the different posts by people helping you..I guess another way of putting it would be looking at it like this: a forum is like an e-mail, you send it, and whether the recepient(sp) is on the computer or not, they eventually get it. With a live chat like you are talking about you can only receive answers if you are sitting at the computer....

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