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    Common Lisp Development on the Mac
    Hello. I'm looking to get into Common Lisp development on my Mac. I have some experience with Scheme and am looking to make the transition to CL mainly because of the standardization aspect. The purpose of my post is to get some advice on development environments for the Mac (I'd rather not have to learn Emacs at this time if possible - such counter-intuitive shortcuts). In the little research I've done, I've come across such tools as MacPorts and Fink, though they seem to be more about Unix than Lisp (more so Fink).

    So, any advice you Lisp devs out there have to give is much appreciated.



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    Aug 14, 2007
    After some more research I think I got myself setup. For anybody who read this post looking for answers check out this site:

    very helpful

    For Lisp, it points you toward an SBCL download (and its pretty easy from there).
    For an IDE, it suggests AquaMacs + SLIME. Emacs + SLIME seems to be the most commonly used IDE for Lisp, and AquaMacs is really just Emacs with a nice GUI for Mac.

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