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    Programming on the Mac
    Hi, I'm a Newbie to programming on a Mac. I don't know much about it, only a few buzz words.

    1) What languages are available on the Mac for developing a program?
    - what are the differences?
    - what ones are the best?

    2) Where do I find software for developing Mac programs?
    - Which one is the best, and most recommended.

    3) What books do you recommend for learning the language/software?
    - How about web pages?

    I've been going no where with Google. I don't like google at all, i keep getting pages in german and french and japanese, and pages with nothing to do with what I'm looking for or pages that are only click through ads. Any body know a good search engine that actually finds what you are looking for, instead of all the garbage. When researching it takes me hours just to find something relevant.

    I'm just tinkering around, right now, with the Mac programming. I've done some in windows, such as Java, C, Basic -- I've done pascal programming on older macs when I was in school. I'd played with Delphi once, too.

    Programs I'd like make, or tinker around with: Something that does HTML. I thought it'd be interesting to make a better Homepage maker for .mac than what .mac has to offer. I know HTML, and been learning CSS. I thought it'd be fun to make a program that'd do that stuff -- at the moment I do it by hand in textedit.



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    Try the Google with coding as a keyword in place of languages. Just about any languages can be coded on Mac. But it comes with Applescript and a ton of examples, and also has the pico text editor in the terminal

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    X11 which comes with macs is a good programming application.

    BBEdit is a good HTML editor

    I only use HTML so can't really help you out too much
    Don't forget to use the new User Reputation System

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    Xcode I believe is what people use to create your standalone apps on OS X, Applescript to interact with existing apps, while you can use any *nix language, like Perl, PHP, etc etc to work with Apache your webserver, or bash scripting to work with your terminal, or even php would work for that also, same with perl, etc etc

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    For general programming: Xcode is what you need. It features Project Builder and Interface builder. Very easy interface for Objective-c. (same as C++ but with a slightly different syntax and Libraries) Very easy to learn though.


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