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Thread: Running Linux apps on my Mac or Linux itself

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    Running Linux apps on my Mac or Linux itself
    Actually, I have a question too, and it's related to this. How do I run Linux applications on my Mac succesfully? I know it's got something to do with Darwin, X11 and Fink (all of which I have), but I don't know exactly what. All I know is that I want to be able to run this Linux program, called Highly Experimental:

    I guess the other option is simply getting running a Linux operating system on my Mac. I tried downloading Red Hat from an FTP from its official website, and I think it would've worked provided I entered a name and a password. I tried entering my full name as well as a password (the same password I need to enter whenever I install something), but they were invalid. Does anyone know what that password might be, or how I could get it? I'd really appreciate help on this.

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    There is Yellow Dog Linux for Mac

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    Wow, thanks! I'll give it a shot!

    ----You know, on second thought, I didn't know installing Linux would erase my hard drive! :eek: I thought I'd be able to transfer freely from Mac OS X to YellowDog anytime I want, like I can with Mac OS X and Mac OS 9. But it seems it's not the same.....However, I've heard that when you install a Linux operating system on a Windows computer, if you have something called Partition Magic, it won't erase your hard drive or something? So, is there a Partition Magic for Macs? Because, if installing it will erase my hard drive, then I think I'll work on my other theory of simply running Linux applications on a Mac. If that fails too, I'll simply get a copy of Windows for Virtual PC. But still, I'd like to be able to run Linux apps in the meantime.

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