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    Question what to download to do Mac x-code development (I'm about to go overseas)???

    I'm about to head overseas (won't have internet) and want to quickly download all the packages/info I need to have a crack at some Mac/Xcode based development whilst I'm away.

    What are the basic downloads I need to suck down onto my laptop before I shoot off guys?


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    Xcode is on your Mac's install disks.

    Here's a link to some articles and where you can donwload the add-on Xcode Tools.

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    Quote Originally Posted by MacHeadCase View Post
    [COLOR="DarkSlateGray"]Xcode is on your Mac's install disks.
    I've just downloaded the almost 1GB image for the latest X-code release. I'm assuming that I can install from this and not worry about using whatever version is on my OSX original disk?

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    That's what I did (I didn't realize I had it on disk already).
    Sitting, waiting, wishing...

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    dumb question - but what is the application name to launch to get the IDE started (i.e. after installing XCode)?

    (Sorry - only spent 5 minutes trying to find it, getting ready to go O/S)

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