I'm new to macs, just had a new macbook, it's awesome.
Anyway, I want to make an applescript. I'm a computer science student so I know what I'm doing when programming really, never written an applescript though.

Right so here is what I want to do...
The power saving settings on my macbook mean that if I don't touch it for sometime, then the monitor dims and eventually turns off.
This is rather annoying if I'm using frontrow and the remote and trying to watch a movie!
I know I can simply alter this in the sattings to stop the monitor dimming and sleeping, but I don't want to turn it off permenantly because I often leave the mac for a while when I am out of the room so I would like it to dim sometimes...

SOOOO I want to create 2 scripts, one to set the power settings so the monitor DOES dim and then sleep, and another script to disable the dim and sleep, so I can simply run the scripts instead of havign to change all the settings.

Any help on this would be great! Maybe if somebody has done exactly this, or somethign similar, or just has some advice or bits of code that may help me?