i have a java program in eclipse who works perfect on Linux and windows.
Now i am testing the program on Mac OS 10.4.9 and i get the following error:

Exception in thread "main" java.lang.UnsatisfiedLinkError: createJNI
at com.sun.star.lib.connections.pipe.PipeConnection.c reateJNI(Native Method)
at com.sun.star.lib.connections.pipe.PipeConnection.< init>(PipeConnection.java:137)
at com.sun.star.lib.connections.pipe.pipeConnector.co nnect(pipeConnector.java:145)
at com.sun.star.comp.connections.Connector.connect(Co nnector.java:146)
at com.sun.star.comp.urlresolver.UrlResolver$_UrlReso lver.resolve(UrlResolver.java:133)
at com.sun.star.comp.helper.Bootstrap.bootstrap(Boots trap.java:292)

i've searched on the internet but i can't find a working solution. Can someone help me with this problem. this problem occurs on the following code line (95):

(94) com.sun.star.uno.XComponentContext xContext = null;
(95) xContext = com.sun.star.comp.helper.Bootstrap.bootstrap();
(96) xMCF = xContext.getServiceManager();

thx in advance...