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Thread: Python Coolness

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    Python Coolness
    Python is one of the coolest languages.

    I was just playing around with it today, beginning a little program I'm writing for fun. Problem was that I'd like to be able to easily call functions based on some condition. "Easily" is the operative term.

    And it *is* easy. Define the functions, place their names in a named list, and then call the list item as a function of condition. Here's a simple example:

    >>> def ab() :
    ...    return 0
    >>> def cd() :
    ...    return 1
    >>> def ef(q, r) :
    ...    return q+r
    >>> gh = [ab, cd, ef]
    >>> gh
    [<function ab at 0x61270>, <function cd at 0x612b0>, <function ef at 0x612f0>]
    >>> gh[0]()
    >>> gh[1]()
    >>> gh[2](4, 9)
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    Now that is neat. PHP does that, or something similar, you can call variables as a function just by adding () after them - I did it by accident.
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