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Osiris22x 04-08-2007 05:58 PM

Cocoa question
I've been going through the tutorials over at CocoaDev and have come across a little hurdle. Upon reaching step 12 on this page:

...I have been unable to accomplish what it says should happen. As it shows, 1 Outlet and 1 Action should be showing in the Attributes panel of the inspector, on the AppController. Alas, after following the coding closely, this is not the case. I have 0 Outlets and 0 Actions.

I'm using Xcode 2.2.1.

Any ideas?

xstep 04-09-2007 03:37 AM

I looks like at step 10.2 you should have this in your AppController.h file;

@interface AppController : NSObject {
IBOutlet id textView;
- (IBAction) clearText: sender;

At step 12 it says you need to drag & drop the AppController.h file in the MainMenu.nib file. You'll see a big blue wavy arrow. The reason for that is so that Interface builder knows about the outlets and actions.

I can't be of much help beyound that. It does look right though.

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