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    Cool double-click C executable.
    hey guys.
    I don't have a Mac, so I need your help here. If, on Mac OS X, one write some C code, then compiles it with
    gcc -o binaryfile code.c
    then puts binaryfile on the Desktop and double-clicks it, what will happen? Will in run as if you typed
    on the command line?

    What if binaryfile doesn't have execute permissions set? What happens whet it gets double clicked?

    Thanks for help.

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    From the Finder, it will execute as expected if it has execute permissions set. If Terminal is not open, then it is first opened to the users home directory. Upon exit of the executable, the terminal exits the shell and leaves a message saying "[Process completed]".

    If the file does not have execute permission, Terminal is still opened and is left in the users home directory at a live prompt.

    When the user is already has the Terminal opened and tries to execute a file without execute permission, the user gets a Permission denied" error.

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