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    I am ponder learning some programming. I have a friend that is a developer and he said to get visual basic and learn that first. i am wondering is there something in that is FOSS that will run on my MAC OS X 10.4?

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    Look into Realbasic. It is a very much like VB but is capable of being compiled and run on and for multiple platforms. So you could develop on OS X and also have your applications run on Windows and Linux.

    I also found something called Chipmunk Basic that might be useful for learning. OS X comes with a free development environment but that would likely be too advanced for you.

    You could learn Applescript which comes with OS X.

    The other common things to learn are the scripting languages such as Perl, PHP, Python, and Ruby. All are available for OS X and some are installed already. There is a ton of FOSS available for OS X.

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    Some of the development tools are listed here.

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