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Thread: java on macbook

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    java on macbook
    I wana start learning java on my macbook. Do i have just have to install a program editor like netbeans. I know i've installed jdk already and then compile the program on terminal?


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    You dont need an IDE (although it helps) to develop Java apps, a simple text editor is all you need. I use the Eclipse IDE myself, but i would imagine Netbeans is more than capable of compiling your Java code without the need to compile from the terminal window (although you can if you wish)

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    Xcode (the Apple IDE) comes free with OS X (although you need to install it yourself) and does Java development. Eclipse is another good choice. Other than that, you can indeed just use a text editor and the command line although most people don't

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    Xcode could be cumbersome at times. Try Eclipse as cazabam suggested. It is an opensource project and you can download for free.

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