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    I have been a programmer on a PC for some time now and I usually have programmed in C++, C, Java and have used the web language PHP. This is the first Mac I will be programming on and would like to know where to start and what software I will need to program in all of those languages. I would also like to start learning AppleScript, so any information I can get on that aswell would be fantastic!!

    Thank you for your time.
    - DS

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    The standard developer tool on OS X is XCode. It should be on your install disks. You can create a free Apple Developer account and download the latest versions of XCode and the documentation for the version of the OS you are using. Apple also has many mailling lists for developers.

    Read the first topic, Getting Started at this page.

    I'm not sure that you can or can't develop PHP with XCode. I'm not even sure you would want to.

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    There is a plugin that enables PHP syntax highlighting but for the cost of it it's not worth it. You may as well use TextWrangler.

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