I have just released the Mac OS X port of my Linux (and before that DOS!) LoansMgr program at the www.campbell-tx.net web site.

LoansMgr Description:

LoansMgr for Mac OS X is a powerful but easy to use loan management program intended for standard compound interest loans. Common examples of such loans are car loans and mortgages. Given any three of the four components of the basic compound interest equation (Loan size, Payment Size, Interest Rate, and Number of Payments), LoansMgr will solve for the remaining one, allowing the user to run an unlimited number of "what if" scenarios.

In addition, LoansMgr will generate and maintain amortization schedules, handle variable payment intervals (in units of weeks and months), handle variable interest compounding periods per year, and handle regularly scheduled additional principal payments. LoansMgr also allows all data related to a given loan to be saved in a "loan profile" file, and easily reloaded at a future date.

To try out LoansMgr, visit www.campbell-tx.net, and follow the CampbellWare, LoansMgr navigation path.

Like all CampbellWare software, LoansMgr is released under the terms of GPLv2 and includes a PPC G5 executable, full source code and a complete user manual in three formats (text, NeoOffice 2.0 and PDF). Use and enjoy!