I have just released the Mac OS X Terminal version of my unix and Linux "walk" command line utility to my www.campbell-tx.net web site.

walk descends a folder hierarchy, excuting the supplied command at each level of the hierarchy. For example, the following command:

$ walk /Users/your_id "rm *.bak"

will walk through all subfolders of your home directory, deleting all those annoying backup files that many text editors such as vi/vim create each time you edit a file. This makes it very convenient for cleaning up junk that accumulates over time. If you are a developer:

$ walk your_development_root_folder "rm *.o"

will remove all of your accumulated object files from compiling. Again, a nice clean up mechanism.

You can find walk at www.campbell-tx.net, under the CampbellWare, Utilities, Mac OS X Utilities navigation path.

walk, like all CampbellWare software, is released under the terms of GPLv2, and includes full source code and unlimited right to use, modify and repackage. Enjoy!