I have just released the port of three of my Linux based programs to Mac OS X. All three are Terminal/xterm programs. Here is a quick synopsis of each:

VE (Visual Editor): a Terminal/xterm based text editor, featuring strong multi file support, horizontal scrolling for lines longer than display size, rectangle support, full undo, unique (amongst Terminal text editors anyway) point 'n shoot file browser for selecting files to edit, interactively defined macros and much more. Feature packed and yet optimized for small size and speed of operation.

Keytest: a simple utility that reads keystrokes and echos back the key codes received into curses, a unix standard textual windowing environment (VE uses curses).

Datasizes: a REALLY simple utility that reports on the number of bytes occupied by most major C data types.

All programs are released under GPL v2 and include executables, user manuals and/or README files, and full source code for the curious (instructions on how to build from source are included as well).

Visit www.campbell-tx.net and select the CampbellWare link from the Navigation panel to download any or all of the above.