Hi All,

I m using Mac Intel having Mac OS 10.4.7.
I m using the following code to find the all the media drives present in the System.

kern_return_t FindAllDrives( io_iterator_t *mediaIterator )
CFMutableDictionaryRef classesToMatch;
kern_return_t kernResult = KERN_FAILURE;

classesToMatch = IOServiceMatching( kIOMediaClass );
if ( classesToMatch == NULL ) goto Bail;
CFDictionarySetValue( classesToMatch, CFSTR(kIOMediaWholeKey), kCFBooleanTrue );

kernResult = IOServiceGetMatchingServices( kIOMasterPortDefault, classesToMatch, mediaIterator );
if ( KERN_SUCCESS != kernResult )
qDebug("IOServiceGetMatchingServices returned 0x%08x\n", kernResult );

return( kernResult );

I m running this code correctly in power pc but when I m using this code on my Mac intel Is giving the foolwing error.

Xcode could not locate source file:qatomic_macosx.h

If any one knows then plz plz help me.

thanks in advance