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Thread: Leopard uninstall

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    Leopard uninstall
    Any developers here? I have Leopard installed for testing... However, i want to revert back to Tiger without doing a clean install (reformat) or a backed-up install (Leopard backed-up, clean Tiger). How do I work around this? Help!

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    A developer, it seems, would know how to do this...

    Put in the Tiger Install disks, go through until you see "Options" on the lower left of the install window, click it and choose "Archive and Install". This will put all files in your current User folder into a folder on your Macintosh HD called "Previous Systems" and install Tiger around it, eliminating Leopard.

    Good luck.
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    A developer would also know not to install a developers trial system on the main system partition.

    You should install development trial systems on an external disk or partition.

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    Installed for testing?

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    I installed it on a partition of my work computer and on the main system of my laptop since it was doing very well. It' just that many programs still do not support 10.5 and would often freeze. I know of the archive and install as well as just doing a clean install. That's a lot of work. I was just wondering if there's another way around since the drive is maxed out and cannot accomodate any more space for archiving. It would also take 11dvds for manual backup. I'm a legit ADC student member with a preview disc and it makes me laugh how people's reactions are about me having Leopard. Jealous, perhaps? Spare $99 people :-p

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    ew.. why would we be jealous? it hasn't even come out and im sure they are still working out the bugs. Now, which would you rather buy? A polished OS or a preview disc?

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    hahaha.... why so affected? anyway, the preview comes for free with the membership so I can port my final thesis due out fall next year. I also get the final version (in your words "polished") of Leopard when it comes out.. for free... so my answer is neither. I'd rather buy the membership then I'll get both. Still laughing, btw.*

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    I see - no offense intended!

    I don't think there is any other way to lose the leopard though - you can't manually pick apart the OS installation to downgrade to tiger, so I'd try to clear up some space and archive & install.

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