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    If you are in a DHCP situation and find your IP address frequently changing, here is an easy way to determine it:
    ipconfig getifaddr en0
    and an alternate (albeit more convoluted method):
    ifconfig en0 inet | grep 'inet ' | awk ' { print $2 } '

    If you are behind a router and need your external IP address, issue this command:
    wget -q -O /dev/stdout | grep 'Current IP Address: ' | awk ' { print $4 } '
    (Of course, you would have to have wget installed in order for this to work.)

    Here is a shell script for checking your IP address and logging the results to a file:
    #initialize variable
    IP=`wget -q -O /dev/stdout <a href='http&#58;//' target='_blank'>http&#58;//</a> | grep &#39;Current IP Address&#58; &#39; | awk &#39; { print &#036;4 } &#39;`
    # prints current IP to shell
    echo &#036;IP
    #log it
    date &#62;&#62; /private/var/log/ip.log
    echo &#036;IP &#62;&#62; /private/var/log/ip.log
    This script could be added to your crontab in order to check your IP address periodically and log the results to a file.

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    the wget on doesn't seem to work anymore ... did the format change or something?

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    this thread is over a year old... i almost forgot gatorparrots existed.. theres a few otherways, if you need to find it, PM and ill show u a lil thing i came across, ide post it but it may scare a few people.

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    thanks Graphite... i'm behind a router so the wget method would suit me best.

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    Quote Originally Posted by StarManta
    weird this site is giving me a different IP address...

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    Lately, I've been using this code to obtain my external IP address:
    curl -s | awk '{print $1}'
    However, if you have a Linksys BEFSR-series router, the following code is better for scripting purposes, as it obtains results in about half the time:
    /usr/bin/curl --connect-timeout 5  -s \
               http://:$PASSWORD@$ROUTERIP/Status.htm  | \
               sed -e 's/^.*IP Address://'              | \
               sed -e 's/=2>/\\
    /'                                                  | \
               sed -e '1 d'                             | \
               sed -e 's/<.*//'

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    You can also get it by running sheilds up to compare...

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