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Thread: Learn a langauge to learn another

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    Question Learn a langauge to learn another

    I'm trying to learn Italian. I wanted create a little program that would help increase my vocab.

    A random word would appear and I'd have to type the translation (either into English or Italian). The ones I get wrong would appear more often. I thought I could just have a database of the words and their translations, which I keep adding to.

    I've tried playing around dreamweaver and script editor, and I'm downloading Realbasic 5.0 demo, at the moment. But can anyone start me off or give me any tips as how to make this little program?

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    no reason to remake the wheel, unless you really want to.

    keduca comes stock with kde (a linux window manager), but there seems to be an OS X copy here

    granted you aren't typing in your answers but instead multiple choice, but it's better and faster than writing something from scratch.

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    Thanks man. I also found something else that is great called ProVoc. It's perfect for anyone studying vocabulary. And it's free and can link to your ipod.


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    I have heard of it, try it out for a while and report back and let us know if we should get it or not.
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