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Thread: What Would You Suggest?

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    What Would You Suggest?
    I've been a Windows user for quite some time now, and still continue to use it, but I also use my Mac Mini as my home entertainment hub (movies/music/etc..). Now, I want to take a MacMini on the road and set up a Car Computer using the mini because of its form factor, and the ability of mac's.

    Basically, I'm wondering where I should start in developing a Front End application, much like Front Row or CenterStage. The reason I won't be using those is because I want to integrate other components. First, I want to know if it's possible to have from a GUI of my design:


    I want to embed those objects into a gui, and be able to operate it from a touchscreen. I know it's possible to do the iTunes and Apple DVD Player because of other programs I've used, however is it possible to add these other things, and if so, where should I start? I've got some VB background, and HTML/XML but that's about it. So, what are your suggestions?

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    if I were to develop those systems, maybe consider RealBasic. It's like VB but universally written. are you giong to have keyboard/mouse control? "embedding thoseobjects" email/internet/gps aren't objects,they're entire programs, so you gotta remember that once they're executed you either will need to dummy it up or have to close them some how.. you know?

    But you could just 'shell' them, run them via a menu system...

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    personally jarth i think your realistically over your head with this project you want to do. this can be done but it requires a lot of engineering and determination. the touch screen you may want to replace with a remote *allready with it* and email/internet aslong as you got a data bearer on your cellphone you should find an easy bluetooth option to connect. the GPS... forget it unless you want safari open with road maps lol inwhich case wait til Leopard is out and make your amazing Widget!

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