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Thread: Installing pdksh

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    ksh for OS X
    AT&T Research has a pre-compiled Darwin binary of ksh available for those wishing to try out a so-called scripting shell:
    However, the AT&T version does not come with a man page and may generate locale errors under Darwin/OS X. Therefore, I suggest installing an alternative. If you want to try ksh on OS X, you can install pdksh (a korn shell clone) like so:
    curl -O
    gnutar -xzf pdksh-5.2.14.tar.gz
    cd pdksh-5.2.14
    curl -O
    curl -O
    patch < pdksh-5.2.14-patches.1
    patch < pdksh-5.2.14-patches.2
    ./configure --prefix=/usr/local
    sudo -s
    make install
    echo "/usr/local/bin/ksh" >> /etc/shells

    Available Shells in OS X
    On OS X 10.2, the default shell is tcsh. Here is a list of the provided shells:

    (sh is actually bash running in sh compatibility mode; ksh can be invoked in zsh, but only in compatibility mode)

    bash was not included in 10.1.x allegedly due to licensing concerns on Apple&#39;s part. Now it is part of the shipping shell choices, although it has not yet been blessed with the default shell assignment status (as has tcsh).

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    what is the default shell in OS X? Is it bash? I like the RedHat default, which I think is bash. Mainly the colored shell is my main reason for asking
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    Thanx gatorparrots, I was wondering about the other shells. I didn&#39;t have the time to look. Will have to try the pdksh you suggested.
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