hello, this is my first post in the forum... i recently emigrated to apple after having worked on windows for a long time, by the way i found the system not to so much to complain although being a closed system, if you got a reach to the next level, that you didn't write orders directly to the cpu (as far as a particular language would take you), but you rather wrote orders to other local pieces of software, not procedures, not libraries, not servers, but full grown programs, the best examples i can think of is the add ons implemented over winamp or firefox, that receive input from another program and gives answer to that program, if the same that a function does inside the code, but betwéen two differents programs, and that is easily achieved in windows, if you make the first program stable, the rest of the programs can do the shenanigans and the sysem doesn't receive the crashes directly... still i wanted to move to a nixwise system, where i could make the first program, though estable, also capable of major actions, such as spawn extra branches...

i've been learning to program in python these days... i believe is an awesome language, the way it lets you work things out over such a low cost, given the capabilities nowadays... the issue concerned with the extra need of control over the machines under win that makes the grip of C so valuable may not be a concerned over here, i think osx is a system that gives ou the chance to simply trust it and let go of control, to concentrate in arranging what are you doin neXt... python if just perfect for that, if contains simple and direct orders and is designed so that you willl end up working with a whole bunch of files that are functions and objects themselves...
i was just playing with garageband and i thought if i could a program that received the orders to the computer, but not the orders that the system gives o garageband but the orders as it is received from direct keyboard and mouse input, and make so a program that could give automated input to garagand as in positioned on the screen, say left mouse down here and there, make it play several notes over the onscreen piano, do it in certain times and speeds, even make proceses for whEn to record, where to move, where to cut, i was thiking if there is a way i could receive that general data, i know how to do it inside my own window and emulate that a certain input has been recieived, but i dont know how to make it happen outside, perhaps i should emulate im a piece of hardware, so i thought of making a joint c python bridge , where i use c to access the system and python where is build the emulation, then pass the orders to c again, and i can work with c the same as with py cause there's no problem at all with breaking c to low function files, the problem is i dont know which libraries are concerned with the large input... i hope someone could point me in, i want to start writing c the struct that i have on py, but i cant tell how to snatch...

what's another word for thesaurus?

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