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    Hey guys, what would be the best programming language to get into on a Applee machine? Would C++ be my best bet? If so, I have a few books for it, but they are all geared for the PC. If anyone has any good tutorials online that they know of that would be great. Or if you suggest a different language, please tell me!

    Thanks in advance.

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    Thanks to XCode 2 you can work with many major programming languages. However the choice of "best programming lanuage" depends of your personal needs. First of you should decide what you want to do with it. Java and C++ are classical programming languages but unfortunately there are only a limited amount of online resources available for Mac users. But if you are interested in C++ I would recommend you C++ Primer

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    I would like to start out making small multiplatform applications. I have heard that Real Basic is equivalent to Visual Basic for the PC. Should I attempt to start a learning curve with that?

    Thanks for that link, btw.

    Edit: Also, if you know of any online tutorials for free, thanks.

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