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Philipina 06-21-2006 09:29 AM

How to create a link to a device like /dev/

I have a problem because I'm using a usb/serial converter under Mac OS x and the name given by the driver is too long "/dev/tty.ASZU2D9876F.R". I would like to create a link (with a shorter name) to this device but I' can't.
Here is the command I used :
ln -s /dev/tty.ASZU2D9876F.R /dev/ttyS99

but in this case I get the result "ln: /dev/ttyS99: Permission denied"

I'm logged as Administrator! Can anyone of you explain me how can I create a link to be able to use a shorter name than tty.ASZU2D9876F.R ?

Thanks in advance for your answers.


rman 06-21-2006 10:56 AM

You don't have enough power (permission) to complete the process. Try using the sudo command.

sudo ln -s /dev/tty.ASZU2D9876F.R /dev/ttyS99

Philipina 06-22-2006 02:22 AM

Thank you, this is working fine!!!!


Logan 06-22-2006 02:52 AM

sudo chop!

hiiiyaa! tty

Philipina 06-22-2006 07:40 AM

Oups, after restarting my machine to link is not there anymore. I cannot live with that!
I imagine it is due to the fact that my usbserial converter is not detected when the OS tries to create the link at startup.
I wanted to launch a script at startup but as sudo requests the password I cannot do this!
Does anyone of you have an idea?

Thanks in advance.


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