I have ported the Linux VE text editor over to Mac OS X. Runs nicely, and I am very happy to have this old friend back. I find vi to be a bit arcane to work with long term, even though I am proficient. VE is a much better terminal/xterm text editor.

With Finder, I looked at the folder with the new VE executable in it and instead of starting a new Terminal.app window and then launching VE from the command line, I tried double clicking the VE executable. It worked! I was presented with a new (obviously Terminal.app) window with VE already executing in it. This was great.

When I exited out of VE though, the Terminal.app window did not go away. I have my Terminal.app defaults set so that normally when the shell exits (when I type 'exit' at the command line) the window closes too. Is there a way to set things up such that when I exit a Terminal.app program such as a text editor like VE, the Terminal.app window will go away as well? That would be really nice. That would then make running this text editor even easier. Thanks.