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    Beginner...Please Help!!
    Ok very beginner question here,

    I have a unix executable file on my computer, I can't figure out how to put it into an application with an icon and file associations. I understand that you can create applications and bundles using XCode but how do i create one that simply just runs the executable when you click on the icon? Please Help.

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    I've noticed you've asked several newbie questions. From what I can tell you need to buy a book. A highly praised one is "Cocoa Programming for Mac OS X". Get the second edition which is the current printing. Page 161 answers your question if your building a standard Cocoa app. The answer is a bit lengthy to post here, and dated for how one gets to the appropriate panel. I'm half way through this book so am (re)learning too.

    If your building a command line app, I'm not sure you can associate a custom icon for it. But you can double click them and they will open in a Teminal window.

    The shortest answer I can give for a Cocoa type app is; Click on the target program name in Xcode, under the Project menu select Edit Active Target <your program name>". Under the Info.plist Entries select Document Types. Name seems to be your program's name. And extension is what your looking for. Now you just need the code to write/read your file.

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