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    XCode environment
    I was just wondering if XCode provided a separate environment for running applications as my application runs fine in XCode however outside of XCode it gives an illegal instruction error and exits.

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    Is a development build what you are looking for? To do a development build; open the project and choose the project menu

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    Xcode 1.5
    Is there any way to get Xcode 1.5?
    I have Xcode 1.1 and Mac OS 10.3.9
    In the apple site Xcode 2.3 is available but it requires Mac OS 10.4

    Is upgrading to Mac OS 10.4 the only way I have to upgrade Xcode?
    What was the latest Rev of Xcode for Mac OS 10.3.9?

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    Create a free developer account at and download it via the Developer Tools download section. It is 372.4MB.

    I'm downloading Xcode 2.3 right now. All 915MB of it!

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