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Yodda_Hunter 02-25-2014 08:21 PM

some help with the FTP,please.
Hello,guys. am mac developer.
the most thing that i found hard with the coding was the part of the FTP Codes,i didn't even know how to upload nor to create a directory,until some one on this forum gave me a sample,but the only thing that i can get useful use from the sample,is that i can only change some codes to suit my app,and to get classes that makes me feel more easier to code with the FTP,but unfortunately i can't really understand the codes on the sample and things are kinda complex,not complex but i just can't find the codes that has been originally owned by apple at the example,so if some one told me a site that helps with these FTP Codes,or to direct me to the Developer documents,i'll be so pleased,but you might wander why didn't i just search at the Developer documents,but really i did,but i'm afraid that there were parts at the code,that i didn't understand,or not understand but it just showed errors for reasons,which i didn't find an answer for on the internet. the example that i used was "FTPManager" and the document that i read called "NSStream" and i tried my luck with "+getHost" method.
i just need the right document for uploading files to an FTP server.

TattooedMac 02-26-2014 07:59 AM

Wow . . . Sorry you lost me.

I just went into the Dev Portal for iOS (not sure if you have a Dev Account for iOS, OS X or Safari, but if you do have a account then go to here for documents on FTP

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