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    Designs can truly damage the whole program
    guys. i made a program contains about 20+ photo as button designs and so,but the program is kinda slow when it starts,help me out and i'll give you a cookie xD i mean i wanna a program that makes lighter design spaces,or a suggest of getting a
    different designs. actually the program has been made on the Windows but the same shall work with the OS X,i believe.

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    Moved to more appropriate forum since this a development question.

    I can only guess that there are two issues here with what you've provided. First, the application is making heavy use of graphic resources which will no doubt slow launch and performance. I'm developing a mobile application right now for a research project and it's heavy on externally loaded and graphic resources which slows it down. The second problem is also something I'm fighting with. From the sounds of it, you're using a cross-platform toolkit which, having been designed to work everywhere, is native nowhere (I use Flex to develop my mobile apps which means I also have to accept a performance hit to enjoy the benefit of one code base for both iOS and Android). This means that you have to take a performance hit to get the benefit of cross-platform support.
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    no no i didn't use a cross platform it's just a windows installed using bootcamp,developing using Visual Studio.

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