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Thread: weird purple, mirrored, shadow reflections in Xcode's xib editor

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    Jul 30, 2013
    Exclamation weird purple, mirrored, shadow reflections in Xcode's xib editor
    Anyone like my best shot at a descriptive title? I thought I'd deviate from the go-to phrase "HELP ME, IT'S BROKE". I tried searching for help with this, but I believe it is so abstract of an issue that the almighty google doesn't even know what I'm talking about. They say a picture speaks a thousands words; I took a screenshot. Any suggestions on how to make them go away would be greatly appreciated.

    For full disclosure:
    * Macbook mid-2010 model
    * OS X 10.8.4
    * 2.4GHz C2D
    * 8GB RAM
    * 500GB HDD
    * Xcode Version 4.6.3 (4H1503)

    Apples's developer forum is down right now or else I would be asking there also.
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