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    XCode 4.6.1 crashes on start (OS X 10.8.3)
    I want to work in OS X development a bit. I have just updated from OSX 10.6.8 auf 10.8.3 and additionally have installed Xcode 4.6.1. When I started the program, however, and die license agreement has been displayed, the computer has crashed right in the moment when I have clicked on the "agree" button. No idea what happened! A google search after "xcode" + "crash + ("agree" or "agreement") didn't bring any results. I tried it gain: This time the procedure starts with a prompt to install an additional component:
    "System component Installation
    The following components will be updated
    Device Support
    Provides device connectivity for development
    I click on install, the input window to enter th root-password appears, I enter it, I click on "ok" and crash! This time with the following messages in the log file:
    30.03.13 21:18:31,464 coreservicesd[60]: Application App:"Xcode" [ 0x0/0x41041] @ 0x0x7fb58340eb60 tried to be brought forward, but isn't in fPermittedFrontASNs ( ( ASN:0x0-0x43043 ), so denying.

    30.03.13 21:18:31,464 WindowServer[92]: [cps/setfront] Failed setting the front application to Xcode, psn 0x0-0x41041, securitySessionID=0x186a4, err=-1306
    (for the complete log-file from the moment of the crash see the attachment)

    Installation of an older Xcode Version is not possible at the moment, since I don't have a broadband access at the moment.

    I hope anyone can help me!!
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