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    Build type error compiling wine
    I'm new to mac development. I mostly used it for fun and games. I used Fedora Linux as my development machine along with Windows. I need wine for running some specialized text editors/IDE and to test so stuff. But there is no official pre compiled version of wine for Mac OS X.

    They have given instructions here:
    FAQ - The Official Wine Wiki

    Looked clean and good until I encountered a fatal error.

    I downloaded and correctly unpacked the tar ball. Save folder to Desktop and did this:

    Harshvardhans-Mac-Pro:~ ehitamtech$ cd ~/Desktop
    Harshvardhans-Mac-Pro:Desktop ehitamtech$ cd wine-1.5.0
    Harshvardhans-Mac-Pro:wine-1.5.0 ehitamtech$ ./configure
    checking build system type... configure: error: cannot guess build type; you must specify one
    I'm using Mac Book Pro with OS X 10.7.3

    And most answers about it were overly dominated by linux community and linux specific discussion. They seemed to use --build command and specified target as Linux. What should be the Mac equivalent? How to solve this problem?

    Thanks in advance

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