I want to select a group of Indesign docs & import 1 character style called Moon from the source document. So far what I have is the looping thru different ID docs can anyone guide me? I can see in the ID dictionary that is possible but I'm still learning don't how to put it together:

set source_folder to choose file with prompt "Select folder containing InDesign Docs to have a Sku's report" with multiple selections allowed without invisibles

tell application "Finder" to set item_list to every item of source_folder

--loop thru all ID docs
repeat with this_item in item_list
   set doc_kind to kind of (info for this_item as alias)
   if doc_kind contains "Indesign" then
       tell application "Adobe InDesign CS4"
           set user interaction level of script preferences to never interact
         set import styles from ???
 set  set myCharacterStyle to import styles
           --XXXXXXXXXXX The guts import Moon character style
           --close document 1 saving no
       end tell
   end if
end repeat