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Thread: Python Development on OS X Mountain Lion

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    Unhappy Python Development on OS X Mountain Lion
    Hi I have a 15" MBP, I bought 6 months back (refurbhised). I was about to setup PyDev on Eclipse for Python Development. I'm not sure how to set it up. Can anybody pls point me to a Guide/ write up on how to setup the Python Development in Mac OS X Mountain Lion. I know it comes with Python 2.7. How do i get the latest version and get it installed and run on Mountain Lion. I did not find any writeup.

    Rohan. Y

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    You can download Python installer from their website. As you mentioned, OS X comes with Python but it's really only a recent version right after OS X is released and even then it's slightly out of date (ML came with 2.7.2 when 2.7.3 had already been released).

    PyDev has installation instructions on their website here. I could run you through it here but I'd be repeating what is said there.
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    Oh nice I've done this before but since I updated Eclipse I need to do it again. I found out how to by watching a youtube video. Hey let me know how your python development goes. I'm interested.

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