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    get the currently active finder window using objc
    Hi everyone,
    I have many small projects I once created with AppleScript Studio.
    Now that AppleScript Studio was cancelled I decided to learn ObjC and for training purposes I do all of my AppleScript Studio projects in ObjC. Nice training

    Right now i'm working on my FileNamerX. I's a small application for lion to change file and folder names on the fly as well as adding and removing suffixes and prefixes. In order to get this working I check on awakeFromNib if there is an open Finder window.

    At the the moment I wonder if it is possible to do this using objective-c. All of the solutions I googled use an AppleScript solution.

    Is somebody out there who can shed some light on my brains?

    Greetings from Switzerland

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    I'm not aware of a direct way to access other desktop applications with Objective-C, but thats not to say there is'nt a way, I think I would look into the NSTask or NSApplescript class's.

    The best way to interact with other desktop applications is definitely Applescript, a lot of the former Applescript studio users went over to the ApplescriptObjC language, using the Xcode developer tools, there is a very knowledgable bunch of people over at the Macscripter ApplescriptObjC forums, that I think could advise you with this one.


    Good Luck.

    Regards Mark

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