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Thread: mac equivalent for flash/java ?

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    mac equivalent for flash/java ?
    hello all -

    i have purchased a couple of java-applet based voice-recording programs that run inside of a webpage.

    getting java to run in the mac world has been difficult as it runs pretty inconsistently. i have heard that chrome, firefox and safari can all have their own separate version of java!

    is there any program that runs on mac that has most of the same features as java or flash that is specifically for the mac world?

    i would really like to be able to buy a recording program that is embedded into my website that works like this one does:

    Record a Voice Message using JavaSonics and Speex

    in the pc world, i have been very successful at doing this in both java and flash, but its been very difficult in the mac world.

    thank you all!

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    Flash is no longer installed by Apple on new machines. Download it from Adobe or update the version you might already have.

    You might be thinking about different versions of Javascript for each browser. I hadn't heard of that for Java.

    Java will not longer be getting updates from Apple at some point. I believe they decided to start leaving it up to Oracle. There was some kind of announcement on this subject but I don't recall the details. I'm also wondering if it is set to On or Off for use in Safari preferences. I don't have Lion. I sure before that it was On.
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