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    Unhappy -bash g++:command not found
    "Newbie" question:
    I'm learning some C++ at university, so I installed Xcode on my mac in order to compile and run my small programs.
    There is absolutely no issue as long as I work within Xcode projects, that is to say writing and running "within Xcode".
    Instead, I can't manage to compile (and run) them directly from the terminal window because, if I type "g++ file_name.cpp", I get the answer "-bash g++ command not found"; the same happens with gcc.
    I thought that installing Xcode would provide me automatically with a proper compiler.

    Can you help me?
    PS: there are some similar threads but I couldn't find another user with exactly my same problem...

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    If you're using a newer version of Xcode, you need to install the command line tools manually. In Xcode, go to Preferences > Downloads and install the "Command Line Tools" package.
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    Thank you for the prompt answer.
    I'm trying right now!

    it worked! thank you very much

    now I just have to do some practice...

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    Apr 20, 2012
    Ok, now that I have a working g++, I would like to make a shortcut that compiles the .gpp file, renaming the o.out file in a given way; the problem is: I can't figure out the syntax.

    what I write: g++ my_file.cpp -o my_file
    what I'd like to write: --alias-- my_file.cpp

    thanks in advance

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    Way... way too many specs to list.
    a quick bash script like this would work.

    in2=`echo $in1|tr -d '.cpp'`
    g++ $in1 -o $in2
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