While browsing the internet, I find that I always end up with 4-5 windows, each with 5+ tabs. Many of these tabs will be duplicates, and the different projects I'm working on are spread out over all the windows. Here's my idea:

An add-on that lets you give windows certain names. It could be as simple as changing to perceived title of every web page to start with "Example - " (if Example is what you decide to name the window). If it could be bold or somehow stand out more than the rest of the title it would be nice. Another functionality could be a detector of duplicate tabs. Whenever two tabs (in different windows or the same window) are opened, it displays an alert message giving options like ignore, delete current tab and go to the original, delete original... What do you think? Does this already exist? Could I solve this problem by using Safari more efficiently?

I've never developed real software but I'm planning on being a computer science major in college (freshman now) and I know some C++ from the intro classes. I also did some HTML/CSS programming long ago. At my level, would developing an extension like this be a plausible endeavor?